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Concierge Services 

These services are designed to reduce the stress and burden of performing these tasks yourself. These tasks include anything from errands to household chores and transportation to companionship.

 Delivery Driver

Running Errands

Professional Lee Services can help in running those troublesome, but necessary, errands. Some tasks that can be carried out by Professional Lee Services include prescription pickup or drop-off, dry cleaning pickups, delivering payments for bills and so on.


Companionship and Social Interaction

Many seniors also experience loneliness and isolation as they age. With less social and physical activity, seniors can be vulnerable to mental health concerns like anxiety and depression.

What our services entails.......

Professional Lee Services Concierge Services provide a present, listening and helpful hand. Aside from a friendly face they provide seniors while carrying out other services, personal care team members are able to sit, visit and socialize with seniors. We offer companionship and friendship in ways like visiting and chatting, playing a game, doing a puzzle and so on.

Our goal is to make your and your loved one’s days with us as carefree as possible. If you or your loved ones would like to find out more about our concierge services, we’d be more than happy to answer any questions that you have. Reach out to us to learn more today!

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